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Artworks carries a large selection of fine artists’ materials, children's art supplies, art related gift items, pottery, jewelry and artwork. Artworks also offers custom framing, frame restoration and custom gold and metal leaf finishes.

Oil Paint & Mediums

Brands and information about Winsor & Newton oil paints and meduiums


Winsor & newton


Artists’ Colours- Buttery and vibrant, boasts 115 colours, made from only the finest pigments. We carefully formulate each tone for stability, tinting strength and coverage. Use them thickly with palette knives or brushes, or thin them to a very fine glaze. 

Winton Oil Colours- This line is made from moderately priced pigments, formulated for student and amateur artist. 49 carefully selected colours.

Griffin- Combined oil-modified alkyd resins provide the ideal binder in this artist color with advantages over traditional mediums; dry to touch with in 12 to 14 hours; can usally be varnished in 30 days; all colours dry at the same rate, to uniform semi-gloss.

Artisan- The Artisan line by W&N are water mixable oil colours. This line had 40 colours, thins with water, cleans up with soap and water. These paints have the same consistency and pigment strength of traditions oil colours Artisan oils are non- toxic.

W&N Oil Mediums- We carry W&N’s Oil and Alkyd mediums. Linseed oils, Varnishes, Liquin, Primer, Blending and Glazing.


IMG_20190503_112637 (2).jpg

Gamblin Oil Colours- have always gave artists color at its maximum with a luscious texture. A texture that readily responds to an artist’s intention and handles beautifully. A color reaches its maximum when the pigment has been developed to the highest emotional resonance for that color. There is so much more to our work than fine raw materials and high pigment loads.

Gamblin Fast Matte Oil Colours- This line is formulated to give oil painters a fast-drying oil color with excellent working properties and permanence. The balances color palette allow for great

Gamblin Oil Meduims- We carry most of Gamblin’s painting mediums; Mineral Spirits, Galkyd mediums, Cold Wax, Poppy and Linseed Oils, as well as Gamvar.

m. graham


In the tradition of the masters, M. Graham artists’ oil color is made with pure walnut oil for its brilliance, clarity, texture, and resistance to fading and yellowing. Working in small batches, they crafted oil colors true to the roots of Renaissance painting: delicately free-flowing, solvent-free, and with no fillers or additives.

With the exceptionally high pigment loads in M. Graham artists’ oil colors, your work will naturally feel more alive and vibrant, imbued with rich, lustrous color for years to come.

M. Graham Oil Mediums- include Walnut Oil and Walnut Alkyd Oil, to thin the colors, accelerate drying, enhance adhesion and add flexibility.